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Colour technology

Specialist areas

As specialists, we can advise you on any aspect of colour management best practice.

We can also help you solve specific problems. With half a century of experience to draw on, we have yet to meet a problem or challenge we can’t overcome. In fact, several of our most successful products have been developed from a one-off solution to a specific problem. 

Typical colour management problems that VeriVide has solved include:

Colour assessment over time
Supply chains do not always operate at speed. How do you ensure that colour judgments made perhaps months apart fairly reflect what might have happened to the product or material in the meantime? 

Colour measurement
Do you want colour consistency across the supply chain? DigiEye system is the innovation for digital colour measurement which helps you achieve accurate colour reproduction and precise colour communication, improving at the same time product's quality and safety.

Surface inspection
How do you assess the crease recovery properties of non-iron garments? How do you detect and grade garment pilling? How do you detect and measure surface abrasions on materials as varied as coins, plastics or paper? We can help you evaluate every kind of surface, managing flaws and imperfections.

Liquid assessment
How do you ensure that the colour and appearance of drinks such as tea, wine and whisky will meet customer expectations? How do you demonstrate that a liquid medicine is particle free, as demanded by international standards?

How do you proof prints and transparencies without interference from specular reflection?

Wallpaper manufacture
Can VeriVide design, make and deliver a colour assessment cabinet wide enough to accommodate three widths of wallpaper held vertically? (Answer: Yes.)

Whatever your problem or requirement, simply ask us and we’ll respond quickly with dependable, impartial advice. The potential for using VeriVide products and expertise to meet a wide range of specific needs continues to expand.

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